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Bio & About Me


Hello and welcome to my homepage. I'm Mery, an actress who also enjoys other disciplines like music, sports, and modeling.

I studied dramatic art in Madrid, at Corazza's Studio, and also with Fernando Piernas and Manuel Morón, among others. In 2019, I went to the USA to continue my actress training in New York at Susan's Batson Studio and in Los Angeles at The Academy of Stella Adler. Currently, I split my time between Madrid, the USA, and Vienna, depending on the work.

I combine my work as an actress with modeling projects. I also love doing commercials, photography, catalog shoots, or campaigns.


I'm graduated in Primary school teacher and I play clarinet and saxophone, I think the music is the best therapy someone can do, and to play instruments keep the mind in balance.

And finally I´m also aerial silk acrobat and certified Yoga instructor, I choose these disciplines because I like to work, on and with, my body and mind connected and actively, and both of them are like an active meditation.


I hope you enjoy this web as much as I enjoyed creating it for you.



Spanish: mother language

English: C1 certificate 

German: A2 certificate 


2019 - 2021 -  Acting. Susan Batson. New York

2019 – Scenic art. Stella Adler. Los Angeles

2017-2019 – Training for professionals with Manuel Morón. Corazza Studio.

2017- Character construction. Mar Navarro

2017- Close-up, marks and racord in cinema. Benito Zambrano

2017- Film improvisation and acting. Gracia Querejeta

2017- Curso interpretación para tv. Salvador Calvo.

2012/2016-  Theatrical improvisation: Javier Pastor. El club de la impro.

2014- Acting. Cristina Rota.

2013/2014- Acting I, II, III y IV. Fernando Piernas.

2014- 10- Acting training with Iñaki Aierra.


Clarinet, saxophone, dance, aerial silk acrobatic, certified yoga instructor, soccer, basketball, tennis, paddle, swimming, cycling, motorbike, driver's license


Eye color: Honey

Hair color: Light brown

Height: 1,70

Measures: 87-63-90

Size: 34

Shoes: 37








2024- “Qué estas haciendo con tu vida?”(short film). Dir: Fernando gonzalez. main. maria

2024 “HASTA LUEGO, MARI CARMEN” (Short film) Dir: Ismael Olivares. Main. Laura

2024- “PUTOS SUEÑOS” (Short film) Dir: Ismael Olivares. Main. Jota

2023- presentadora clausura festival internacional de cine feche

2023- “The Chain” (short fil,) Dir: Phoenix. Main. bea

2023- “BIG BANG” (Teaser) Dir: Samantha Pya. Main. Carmen

2022- presentadora del festival internacional de cine abycine.

2022- “A SPECIAL NIGHT” (Short film) Dir: Ismael Olivares. Main. Jimena

2022- “ALQUILERES” (Short film). Dir: Ismael Olivares. Main. Raquel


2020- “POLIAMOR PARA PRINCIPIANTES” (Movie) Dir: Fernando Colomo. Margarita

2018- “SUNSET” (Teaser). Dir: Miguel Postigo. Secundary. Ingrid

2015- “LOS LÍMITES DEL CIELO” (Movie) Israel González. Alicia

2014- “LA FINAL” (Movie). Dir: Valerio Boserman. Lesbos

2014- “ENTRETELAS” (Short film). Dir Luis Sánchez-Polack. Main. Aledis

2013- “COMPLOT” (Teaser) Dir: Rodrigo Sancho. Alicia

2011- “CLASIFICADOS” (Movie). Dir: Juan Pablo Macellari. Main. Alicia

2011- “SECUESTRO " (Short film) Dir: José D Santiago and Daniela Costa. Main. Alicia

2008 “LAURA” (Short film) Dir: Diego Frigard. Main. Laura

Mery Cabezuelo53104_v1.jpg
Mery Cabezuelo53157_v1.jpg


2023  “SAGRADA FAMILIA” T2 Netflix Dir: Manolo Caro. Inés

2020  “UN BUEN DÍA” Pilot EPISODE. Dir: Nacho Granero. Verónica

2018 “INSTINTO” EPISODE  7. Bambú. Movistar +. Dir: Carlos Sedes. Aerial acrobat

2017 “CORDEROS” Pilot Episode. Madrid cinema. Main. Jessy

2017 “EL ACCIDENTE” episode 13. Globomedia. Police.

2017 “LA CASA DE PAPEL” episodes 2 and 4. Prod: Vancouver media. Journalist.

2016- “LA CATEDRAL DEL MAR” episodes  7 and 8. Prod: Diagonal tv. Emilia.

2015- “LA QUE SE AVECINA” episode 118. Prod: Mediaset. Flight attendant.

2015- “OLMOS Y ROBLES” episode 2. Prod: 100 balas. Tve. Secretary.

2015- “YO QUISIERA” episode 4. Prod: Mediaset. Lawyer

2017- Videoclip Naim Thomas. Mostaza music.

2011- Videoclip Audio´s pain. “I can´t understand it”.


2018 “AMOR CON SELTZ”. Director: Agustina Botinelli. Surge Madrid.

2016 “SINCRONIZADA”. Director: Mar Gómez/Laura madera. Talent. Teatros del canal

2016 “EL CORAZON DE KOKORO”. Directors: Hnos León. Microteatro por dinero.

2015 “AGUILAS CALVAS”. Director: Fernanda Muchico. Microteatro por dinero.

2015 “A MARTE A NO AMARTE”. Director: Luís Sánchez-Polack. Microteatro por dinero.

2014 “LUM-BA-GO”. Director: Alberto García Sánchez. Microteatro por dinero.

2014 “HIPSTERS”. Director: José Luís Sixto. Microteatro por dinero.

2014 “LA FLOR DE ALBACETE”. Director: José Luis Sixto. Microteatro por dinero.

2013 “QUITATE DE EN-MEDIUM. Director: Manuel M. Velasco. Microteatro por dinero.

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